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V E T E R A N  -  O P T O M E T R I S T

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Originally from Dallas, Texas, Dr. Christina Kinate specializes in primary eye care with an emphasis in therapeutic scleral contact lenses. After her Marine Corps service, she earned her Doctorate from the University of Houston College of Optometry where she actively participated in optometric and public health organizations.

Dr. Kinate continued her training by completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cornea and Contact Lenses with the Texas Eye Research and Technology Center. She gained experience fitting therapeutic contact lenses on complex patients with corneal transplants, ocular surface disease, ectasia, and dry eye syndrome. She also participated in a variety of clinical research projects.

Dr. Kinate is currently practicing at the Alkek Eye Center at the Baylor College of Medicine and strives to deliver quality eye care and improve ocular health. Outside of patient care she enjoys hiking, gardening, and cooking for family and friends.



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